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January 1st: The Most Unique Day of the New Year

Once and only once each year there appears one absolutely unique day: January 1st.

It has the matchless property of being at once the best and the worst day of the new year. It is the only day that can be both the longest and shortest day of the year, as well as the coldest and the warmest. It has the singular capacity to be the brightest and the darkest, both the most hopeful and the most depressing, the happiest as well as the saddest day of the year. It is absolutely unique.

It is the day of unlimited contradictions. It is a day without equal – the only a day in the year that has the ability to be labeled using both the most positive and correspondingly negative superlatives at once . . . It is both the first and the last day of year . . . For that brief 24 hour period where it is the only day in the year. But as soon as January 2nd arrives, half of the superlatives drop off immediately. It can no longer be simultaneously the both the best and the worst of anything. The wonder is immediately lost. Suddenly, sadly, it becomes just like any other in the relentless parade of days of the new year.

Its singularity is what makes it exclusive. There are no other days in the new year to compare it to. It stands alone without equal – and surprisingly – without a superior or subordinate. In fact, there are no other days in the young year that are better or worse in any category.

This rarity occurs only once each year. Its promise and apprehension are soon swallowed up in persistent procession of new days in an aging year. Let’s celebrate its singular uniqueness while it is still absolutely matchless!